Applicable Taxes

Direct Taxes

Personal Income Tax

Ranges from 10-35% on a graduated basis

Corporation Tax

30% of computed/accepted net profit or 1.5% of turnover of audited accounts or 2.5% of turnover of un-audited accounts
(Whichever is higher)

Withholding Tax

10% of gross receipts

 Indirect Taxes


Capital Gains Tax


15% of net gains or 5% of sales tax (in the case of personal tax)


25% of net gains or 10% of sales tax (in the case of Company tax)

Environmental Tax

US$0.03 per person per  month

National Education levy

Ranges from US$334 to US$667 depending on turnover


Goods and Customs Clearance Procedures

The Port of Banjul is considered as one of the safest and most efficient port in the sub region. Goods arriving in The Gambia by sea, land, or air can be cleared within 24 hours, which is the fastest in the sub-region. The process of clearing goods in The Gambia involves The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA), Customs and Excise Department (Gambia Revenue Authority), and shipping Agencies, all working in the same premises and offering One- Stop services to importers and exporters.
The following documents are required in the clearing of goods:

  • Bill of Lading

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Delivery Order

  • A Gate Pass