Overview of the EMPRETEC Training Program

The EMPRETEC training program is an integrated, one-stop enterprise development and support program of UNCTAD that promotes the creation of sustainable support structures that help promising entrepreneurs build innovative and internationally competitive small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The focus of the program is to bring about a transformational change in agriculture and industry through unleashing the potential of small-scale farmers and micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) through entrepreneurial skills training and provision of a comprehensive range of business advisory services.

The training program identifies and selects growth-oriented enterprises as well as potential entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, women entrepreneurs, retired but active civil servants and rural farmers, and provide them with entrepreneurial skills training and a comprehensive, systematic and integrated range of business development services in The Gambia.

The training program includes entrepreneurial and management skills training, business counseling, advisory  and mentorship support,  technical assistance in the preparation and review of business plans, assistance in sourcing credit, assistance in identifying local subcontracting opportunities between small enterprises and large local companies as well as cross-border linkages with foreign companies. 

Procedures to attend EMPRETEC Training:

Complete and submit the EMPRETEC application form. This form can be downloaded on this page and submitted to the GIEPA office in-person or via email to info@giepa.gm 

Candidates will be shortlisted and notified of upcoming training arrangements.

Download EMPRETEC Application