Preferential Market Access and Key Trade Partners

The Gambia enjoys market access to several key regions.

european union

European Union

The European Union market offers a quota – and duty-free access through its preferential treatment scheme “Everything But Arms (EBA)”.



As a member of ECOWAS, it is a beneficiary of the Trade and Investment Framework Agreements (TIFAs) which the United States has had with the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) since 2013.

United States also offers a similar scheme to the European EBA under its Africa Growth and Opportunities ACT (AGOA).



The Gambia’s membership in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a free trade area that promotes free movements of goods and people, provides businesses with relatively easy market access to member states with a combined population of approximately 400m persons. They are also part of ISRT (Inter-state transit of goods).



The Gambia is part of the new African Continential Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) that was signed in 2018, creating the largest free trade block in the world.



Since joining in 1974, The Gambia is among the 57 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.



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