Attractive Sectoral Opportunities

The Gambia has strong investment potential across the ICT sector

telcom iconUpgrading Telecoms Network

  • Increasing internet penetration rates across the country is a top priority for the government of The Gambia.
  • Investment into upgrading and developing new telecoms networks to provide affordable broadband to Gambians is a strong investment opportunity. 

online banking iconMobile Banking

  • The Gambia is currently a cash-based economy and with increased urbanization and increasing internet penetration rates, the mobile banking sector is soon to develop as it has across other African nations.

ecommerce iconE-Commerce

  • The E-commerce market has rapidly expanded across Africa and such opportunities for expansion into The Gambia are present.
  • Investment into the E-Commerce will also help facilitate growth of other sectors such as agribusiness and transport.

online education iconE-Education

  • The Gambia has a youthful population with an increasing number of graduates.
  • Trends in E-Education have accelerated because of the Covid-19 pandemic and are forecasted to continue.

it hardware iconIT Hardware Sales

  • With a growing population, rising internet penetration rates and increased use of technology overall, The Gambia is a prime location for sales of IT hardware such as mobile phones, tablets, sim cards, computers and more.