Ease of Travel

The Gambia is widely accessible and has close-proximity to Europe

air travelFlight Connections

The Gambia enjoys international flight connections with a variety of countries.

These include Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, and several Scandinavian countries. Other countries include Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Turkey.

visa imageVisa Policies

The Gambia follows a tourist-friendly visa policy wherein almost all countries in Africa, Europe, South Asia and select countries in the Americas and South-East Asia can receive visas on their arrival.

The Gambia is also a visa free zone for all international charter and scheduled flights.

proximity imageProximity to Europe

The Gambia is situated close to Europe and can be reached within 5-6 hours. It is also reasonably close to the United States at 8-9 hours.

Importantly, the time difference between The Gambia (UTC +0) and Europe is minimal.


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