Skilled and Cost-Effective Workforce


Estimated population of working age in The Gambia


are of the ages 15-35 years


are between the ages 36-64 years

315k Students

in secondary education

200k Students

in tertiary education



The University of The Gambia offers a variety of ICT degrees and produces highly-sought after graduates in the ICT sector 

university of gambia


students enrolled in ICT programs at the University of the Gambia in 2022

Programs include:

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Information Systems
  • BSc Telecommunications and Computer Networks Engineering


Source: Gambia Bureau of Statistics, Labour force survey, 2018 – link, The University of The Gambia.


The Gambia is highly competitive in labor costs for the ICT sector

strong demand graph

Source: fDi Benchmark, a service from fDi Intelligence, Financial Times Limited