Vibrant Culture and Young Talent

The Gambia is widely known for its hospitality, variety of cultural events and young/talented workforce


african cultureUnparalleled Hospitality

Known as the smiling coast of Africa, the country’s reputation for hospitality is second to none.

Gambians live harmoniously in communities, freely exercising their religious and cultural traditions.

gambia sealVariety of Cultural Events

The Gambia hosts a variety of cultural events and
celebrations to which all are welcome. Annual events,among many, include:

  • The Banjul Cultural Festival, annual
  • The Sanyang International Cultural Festival,
  • Independence Day Parade and festivities,
  • The International Roots Festival,
  • The Annual Food and Beverage Festival
  • The Nuimi Baadiya Festival
  • The Bureng (Koosee) Cultural Festival
  • The Kartong Festival and more

A full schedule of cultural events can be found through the Ministry of Tourism & Culture

talent imageYoung Talent

The estimated working-age population in The Gambia is 1.2 million.

The working population is very young - 68% are between the ages of 15 and 35.

The Gambia also has over 300 thousand students currently in secondary education and over 200 thousand students currently in tertiary education.

Source: Gambia Bureau of Statistics, Labour force survey, 2018 – link, Official Country Guide of the Gambia, Gambia Ministry of Tourism & Culture - link

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