National Export Strategy

Continued development of the export sector is a top priority for the government of The Gambia. 

In 2019, The Gambia’s main exports were groundnuts (32.7%), followed by cashew nuts (20.6%), wood and articles of wood (mainly logs, 20.1%) and fish and fisheries products (13.6%). These four products accounted for 87% of domestic exports, valued at D3.8 billion.

The government developed the National Export Strategy 2021-2025 which identifies the following priority sectors for export development:

  • Tourism
  • Agribusiness and Horticulture
  • Fisheries 
  • Ground Nuts
  • Cashews
  • Light Manufacturing

Ocean fishing boat

Reliance on imported goods as well as the country’s size, location on the Atlantic ocean and strategic position as a gateway to the greater West Africa region constitute a significant opportunity for The Gambia to grow its export sector. 

The vision for The Gambia, as stated in the Vision 2020, is “To become a world class exporting nation that is efficient and competitive leading to sustainable economic growth, wealth creation, and prosperity.”

The National Export Strategy was designed as a practical roadmap for The Gambia to achieve increased levels of economic development, by focusing its limited but valuable resources on developing export capacity in the priority sectors for which The Gambia has the greatest potential for export development.

Shipping containers

The specific goals and expected targets from effective delivery of the National Export Strategy are as follows:

  • To build a stronger, more responsible, robust and resilient economy 
  • To diversify export markets 
  • To move the economy up the value chain through higher value-generating export activities 
  • To improve the brand image of The Gambia in the international markets and to showcase The Gambia as a quality exporter of strategic products
  • To use exports as a tool to alleviate poverty through high-value job creation 
  • To attract more foreign direct investment in the priority sectors, particularly for high-value generating activities 
  • To create a more inclusive economy that invests in and values human capital 
  • To drive resilience through sound export strategies 
  • To encourage and facilitate innovation


As the institution in The Gambia mandated to promote investment, develop enterprises and facilitate export, further development of the export sector is a top priority for GIEPA.