Attractive Sectoral Opportunities

The Gambia has strong investment potential across the transport sector.

truck iconCold Storage Transport

  • Refrigerated and temperature-controlled transportation, especially to cater to the agribusiness sector and demand from the ECOWAS community.

plane iconAir Transport (inter-regional flights)

  • Short-haul flight connections to short-distance locations throughout West Africa.
  • Desirable locations with high-demand include Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and others that contribute to The Gambia's growing tourism industry.

shipping iconShort-Range Costal Shipping

  • Short-range costal shipping, especially to cater to the agribusiness sector and tourism sectors.


river transport iconRiver Transport 

  • Small-vessel river transport operators to cater to the growing tourism sector.
  • Transport operators to cater to local passenger transportation needs.
  • Cargo operators to cater to the growing agribusiness and export  sectors.

bridge iconBridge, Port & Road Infrastructure

  • General opportunities for infrastructure development and improvements on the coast and along the River Gambia.
  • Expansion opportunities for the Port of Banjul.



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