Attractive Sectoral Opportunities

The Gambia has strong investment potential across the agribusiness sector.


Field Crops

field crops

  • Crop production of rice, maize, sorghum, millet, sesame, groundnuts, baby corn, cassava
  • Crop production of oil crops such as cashew, palm oil, coconuts
  • Investing in modern inputs to increase production yield

Horticultural Crops


  • Fruits that suit Europe’s off season demand such as mangoes, bananas, & citrus
  • Vegetables that suit Europe’s off season demands like onions, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes
  • Flowers, particularly chrysanthemums, orchids, and roses

Poultry & Livestock


  • Poultry layers and broilers
  • Livestock production, especially sheep, goats, pigs, and dairy products
  • Cross-breeding with European breeds of cattle for increased meat and milk production
  • Animal feed

Fisheries & Aquaculture


  • Vessel operators
  • Processing plants with consistent supply of fish
  • Shelters and nurseries for shrimp, catfish, wild oysters, etc.
  • Modern storage and processing facilities (smoked, canned, or fresh fish).

Agricultural Inputs


  • Fertilizer, seeds, tools, and agrochemicals
  • Cold storage and silos facilities
  • Industrial processing of vegetables and fruits
  • Land preparation mechanisms
  • Irrigation facilities
  • Post-harvest machinery



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