Strong Government Support

The Government of The Gambia is seeking to rapidly scale up the Renewable Energy sector

Through the National Development Plan the Government of The Gambia seeks to increase its share of Renewable Energy from 2% to 40% and encourage private sector participation to provide 24/7 access to electricity to all Gambians. The Gambia is also a signatory of the Paris Climate Accords.

For this reason, The Gambia has introduced the following measures to attract foreign investments:


grecThe Government of The Gambia established GREC (Gambia Renewable Energy Center) to help foster R&D in the Renewable Energy sector and to increase its share of contribution in electricity production.

renewable energyThrough the Renewable Energy law, The Gambia has enabled the development of Feed-in-Tariffs to support on-grid electricity and its implementation will be coupled with net metering initiatives.

fiscal concessionsDriven by high transmission losses (25%+), the Government of The Gambia is ready to significantly invest in transmission infrastructure and several transmission projects are already underway. The initial objective is to reduce losses to 17%.

ippsThe Government of The Gambia seeks to attract investments from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) through reform of the existing tariff policy and making electricity tariffs more affordable. 

Source: GIEPA Investment Guide, Gambia National Development Plan (2018-21)
Note: 1. Transmission & Distribution 2. Independent Power Producers

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