Attractive Domestic Market

population growth iconGrowing Population & Business Expansions

Business & investments have rapidly scaled up triggering an increasing need for electricity which exceeds the available domestic capacity. As a result, many businesses are currently forced to rely on diesel generators.

The population has also increased 35% in last 10 years.

growth iconSupply & Demand Mismatch

Driven by rising demand, The Gambia’s existing installed capacity which is approximately 100 MW has exceeded its capacity and new developments are needed.

With 60% of the population having access to electricity, there is significant headroom for expansion and growth.


electric icon

High Electricity Costs

Due to high demand, current constraints on the electricity grid, and volatility of fuel prices, The Gambia has high electricity costs at $0.2/kWh. 


solar icon

Opportunity for Solar Energy

To match the rising demand and to provide sustainable and accessible energy to all Gambians, the potential for solar energy investment is immense in The Gambia.

The Government of The Gambia seeks to increase the current share of Renewable Energy from 2% to 40%. 

Source: World Bank, GIEPA Investment Guide

The Gambia’s electrical demand prospects are on a steady upward trajectory

solar energy graphicSource: World Bank, GIEPA Investment Guide

The Gambia‘s absolute electricity consumption and per capita consumption have been steadily increasing since 2000, demonstrating the country‘s demand tailwinds. This trend is expected to continue in the near-term with a rising population and the continued expansions of businesses. 

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