GiEPA Export Survey Continues

GiEPA Export Survey Continues Main Photo

10 Nov 2022


By Betty Gomez

Kura’s garden and family enterprise is an export company previously known for its massive production at their farms in Jabang and Gunjur. With over 30 employees, the agro processing company is now farming on a 36-hectar citrus and horticulture farm at Sotokoi in Kombo East. Grown on their new farm are oranges, mandarin, chill pepper and a fresh transition to poultry production and distribution. Exporting to Africrops in Germany, Kura’s Garden main export product is Moringa powder with its tea and oil sold locally in The Gambia. The family enterprise is now trying to diversify its production using value addition methods to produce orange and mango juice as well horticultural products for exports. The export company is also working on efforts to expand production across the ECOWAS subregion targeting major markets like Nigeria which they already engaged during the recently concluded Gambia-Nigeria MSME Exhibition.